14 year old Pandora has been bullied for as long as she can remember about numerous things, most of which involve her magical abilities. Little did she know that she had been chosen to guard Pandora's Box; hence her name. But what will happen when a man in search of riches comes and succeeds in opening it, especially when the box contains something unlikely?

"Ha! Look at her, head in a book. The nerd! No wonder she has no friends - and the fact that she's called Pandora!" A scornful shout came from across the park. I was sat on one of the four swings, gently gliding to and fro, my nose buried inside a book.

"Just shut up, Joe. At least I can read, and spend my time doing something worthwhile!" I yelled back. He laughed and shouted something back, but I was already engrossed in my book.Who care's about them anyway? I'd rather be myself and hated than someone else and loved. Oh, I'm Pandora if you hadn't guessed. Pandora Leeveland, 14 years old. I've been bullied all my life, but I've leart to live with it. Apart from my name, and the fact that I act differently which would generally be classed as an 'emo', there's one more reason I've been bullied. I have abnormal powers. None of this defying gravity, controlling the elements, turning invisible crap; mental powers.

I can hold up a sheild and extend it, create a sword and use it, take someone elses power and store it (the quiver), and then release that power directly at something (the arrow). But that's just the basics that I've been able to do since I was about eight. Now, I have the sycthe, hauberk, spear, throwing knife and throwing stars. That's just the attacking powers, of couse, but I won't bore you with the defensive powers.

I stood up and shut my book with a snap. Tucking it under my arm, I decided I'd better walk home as the sun was setting. Time for some practice! I thought, and grinned to myself.


The End

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