What's Yours Is Mine.

"I knew it." he muttered to himself. I frowned, my fear momentarily forgotten.

"Knew what?" I demanded. His look shifted slightly, so that his eyes bore into my own. I gasped, as I saw, amidst the pock-marks and scars, that he had one green eye, and that the other one was grey.

Thin lines around them mimicked my own scars.

"I knew," He repeated slowly; he had all the time in the world, " that you had my eyes." What remained of his lips twisted again into a smile. He looked as if he was in pain.

" Y-you can't be serious" I stammered, and stepped back from him slightly, to put more distance between us. He mirrored me, and stepped forward, whilst making sure the exit was still covered.

I checked him over quickly, and saw that he was clean shaven and well dressed, in blue jeans and a white t-shirt that stretched across what was obviously a well-toned torso. I saw the bands of muscle flex slightly in his arm, and knew that I'd have no chance should he come close enough to grab me. The scars trailed from his face, across his neck, and snaked down both of his arms, culminating at each of his wrists.

I was as spellbound as I had been when I dreamt him.

The painful grimace spead even further across his face, and he stared at me as he seemed to seriously think about his answer.

" Oh, yes," he spoke slowly and clearly, as though I wouldn't be able to understand him. "I am. They're mine."

I gaped at him, and waited for him to continue, but it seemed he was done talking.

" How are they... yours?" I questioned, curiosity getting the better of me.

"That" he replied,waving his hand in my direction, "Is exactly the shade of green my eyes are. Or, were, before this happened." he gestured to himself, and a look of digust swept across his face. "I want it back. Sooner rather than later."

"Well, what happened to you?" I asked, trying to buy some time. Maybe he would let his guard down, and then I'd give him a beating with my wooden leg.

He frowned slightly at me, as if he wasn't expecting me to ask. I suddenly worried that he wouldn't answer me at all; he hadn't exactly been full of information so far. But, after another few seconds of thinking, he replied.

"Well, I'm an army lad. Can't you tell? In for 6 years I was. 6 Years. What did I get for it? Nothing. Not even a medal or nothing. Tell you what I did get though... " he pulled up his shirt to reveal another maze of carvings that covered his chest and stomach. He looked like a walking pin cushion. I would have felt sorry for him, but I was concentrating on keeping my hands steady to be paying much attention.

He began to ramble again, and I had no clue whether he was telling the truth or not.

"... got these I did. Last time I ever drag someone out of the way of an RPG, I tell you. The last time. Ain't worth all this, you know?Nearly cost me my own life. Not worth it."

He looked back at me, slightly disorientated. Like he had forgotten where he was, or what he was doing here. He blinked a couple of times, and I used those seconds to streak across the studio and put all my weight behind a blow aimed at his head.

As I closed in, his grey eye suddenly snapped back into focus. With lightning quick reactions, his arm went up to protect his face, and he easily deflected my attack. With the same movement, he swung round and shoved me to the floor. Kicking the chair leg out my hands, he bent over me, and I could hear him breathing.

We locked eyes again, and I saw that while the grey eye was furious, and green eye was blank and lifeless. I realised it was glass, and scolded myself for not waiting. It would have been good to know that he was blind on one side.

"You think you can just leap at me like that, and I'm not going to protect myself?" He laughed quietly in my face. I could smell his breath; mint. "You stupid little girl. Didn't you hear me? I'm a squaddie. Of course I know how to protect myself"

I gulped, but didn't reply. I just glared at him, the look on my face daring him to do his worst to me. I'd been here once before, after all.  He smirked a twisted smirk as he read me.

"I see. Back here again are we? Rest assured, I don't make the same mistake twice."

The End

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