Tempting Fate

Helaina caught up with me between periods that afternoon.

"Hey! Saw your dance this morning. It was amazing. What's the plan?"

"Hmm... I'm not sure really. Remember when we we did that collaboration? I might wear contacts like we did then. People really seemed to like that idea." She looked at me, concerned.

"But, we didn't do that performance in the end. You got attacked."

"Yeah, but I was wearing them at the time. And the people we told about it thought it was cool."

" If you think that's a good idea, Faye. I mean, it's sort of tempting fate don't you think?"

I raised my eyebrows at the idea. While Helaina had always been  very superstitious, I had been the seeing-to-believe type of person. It was one of the few things about ourselves that stopped us being identical in every way. It was also one of the few things we ever argued about.

"Helaina, you already know where I stand on the whole tempting fate idea." I told her patiently." In general, do you think showing the abstract through wearing contacts which change my eye colour,combined with the routine itself, the music, and what I will be wearing, will look good? That is the only question I am asking you."

You had to be clear with Helaina exactly what you wanted from her; she had a bad habit of babbling off on a tangent, and then you forgot what you asked her in the first place. The concern was back in her eyes, but it wasn't in her voice when she answered.

"Fine" she nodded " I think that this idea, while in itself is a good idea, is not something that I would personally do, given the history, and what happened the last time you donned the contacts. Ok?"

"Wonderful. So, do you think I should go blue again?" We started walking toward our next class, English Literature.

"Definately not. That would be like doing a deal with the devil, and then forgetting about it, and having it come back to you in a very bad way. When you least expect it." She looked deep in thought, and I knew better than to distact her when she was like that; it made her violent. Toward me mainly.   "What about those ones which can turn your eyes white? You know the ones I mean?"

"Yep. I'll take a look after school. Meet me at the gates? We can walk into town together. " Even though we had Dance and English Lit together, she had drama last, and I had art.

"Sure, I'll see you later."

We stepped into class, and took our seats at opposite ends of the room.

The End

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