Panda Eyes

a girl is brutally attacked, and left with rather obvious marks to remind her. but, as she moves on, will her attacker be able to do the same?

My feet pound against the concrete pavement at a speed I never even knew I could manage. My heart hammers like a humming bird's wings in my chest, but I don’t stop running. He’s too close behind me for that. As I hurtle down an alleyway my pursuer wasn’t aware of, I hear him curse and abruptly change direction. I smile to myself, knowing I’ve bought myself a couple of sorely needed seconds. I leap over a bin bag and charge back into the sunlight, momentarily blinded while my eyes adjust. I hear him grunt with effort as he clears the same bag, and curse internally as I realise that he’s closer than I thought. I can’t give up, I tell myself. That can’t happen.

I slowly come to the conclusion that I’ve got no idea where I am, and I become torn between running down smaller roads in the hope of reaching somewhere I know, or reaching a dead end, and sticking to the main roads. My mind’s dilemma breaks my concentration on where I put my feet, and I trip over a curb, sprawling across some random lawn. It knocks the wind out of me, and I realise just how long I had been running on pure adrenalin. A shadow looms over me, silhouetted against the sunlight. Now I can see his face, that piercing pair of eyes that bore into my own. Mesmerised by his face, I don’t dare move. He leaned in closer to me, and I could see every single line on his face. Every single scar. He looked like he had once been tortured with a knife, so it seemed ironic that he held one to my throat now. I stifled a slightly hysterical giggle. This angered the marked man more, and as the fury reached his eyes, he raised the point of his blade to my own. I blinked, almost in defiance. The silver knife moved in closer still, and I felt the cold steel press against the corner of my eyelid, and begin to slowly trace the shape of them. He knew I wasn’t going anywhere, I couldn’t even get myself to scream. I tried to look away, to stay away from glancing at his obviously tortured face, but inevitably I was drawn back to his face, locked in place with what seemed like a powerful spell. He gazed at me so intently, so curiously, I found myself returning the same look. His eyes; one was grey, darting from side to side, looking at me in my eyes. The other was the most dazzling green I had ever seen, and I was captivated by that. Something flashed on his face, instantly telling me these were my final moments. I screwed my eyes up and braced my self for the pain.

                                           * * * * *

I awoke with a start, beads of sweat plastering my hair to the sides of my face. I struggled to catch my breath, taking a few moments to try and calm myself down. I could see, and I knew that my eyes were definitely intact, but I decided to check anyway. My fingertips probed my eyelids gently, checking for any new scars. There were none. Just the same old wounds that would forever remind me and those around me what had happened. I glanced into the mirror, and in the darkness, the rings around my eyes practically glowed. A dark emerald looked back at me. I smiled to myself. I had come to terms with my ‘panda eyes’, realising they had now become as much a part of me as the nose on my face. I had even come to like them. They made me unique, one of a kind. A survivor.

The End

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