You pick the investigative journalism story about a local money laundering scheme

You decide to take the investigation story. While the file downloads, Jazzy puts her hand on yours. You use your hair to hide you bloodshot eyes.

"Kes, when you do this report I think you to stick with the police. I don't want you doing anything too dangerous."

What was with this strange display of affection? Up until now you were certain the only the she cared about was her blood red nail polish. You nod hurriedly, but take your laptop a bit too eagerly.


"I'll be careful."

Jazzy nods and turns back to her nails.

"By the way, did he notice your hangover?"

Irritated, you turn away with a shake of you head.

"I'll have you know that I have been completely sober for the past week!" This is said before you crash into a wall. Jazzy smirks and walk away as fast as you can.

Despite your aching head, you leave the building in high spirits. This was sure to be exciting. Just think, maybe your excellent reporting would help catch the crooks! But where to start?

The End

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