You pick the story about the mudwrestling twins making it big in Vegas

Looking at the page you wonder if good old giant-headed Mr. Shafford isn't setting you up for some office wide practical joke. You wonder to yourself how a story about mudwrestling twins in Las Vegas is ever going to appeal to the magazine's demographic.

"So, do you know which one you want to do or what?" Jazzy says, not looking up from her ever-important thousandth layer of nail polish.

For some reason you hate her even more than you did before you walking into the room. She knew all along, and she didn't warn you. Your rage for the primping and preening toothpick of a woman clouds your thoughts momentarily and it isn't until you hear yourself mid sentence that you realize you have just picked the mudwrestling twins story. Crap.

"Well, this should be interesting to read. Make sure you take your laptop. He wants a first draft by Friday. Here's all the details." she says and hands you an envelope gingerly so her polish doesn't get damaged.

It takes a moment for your usually quick thought process to register what she has just implied with her 'take your laptop' comment. This assignment might not be so bad after all. You rip into the envelope and see a boarding pass and hotel accomodation information. You are actually going out on this assignment. And not just going out, but going out to Las Vegas! In the last five years of working for this magazine you haven't left your desk for anything other than lunch breaks and at the end of the day.

Then you see it, the press release complete with photos of the twins you are to be covering for the magazine, and it suddenly hits you why this feature works. These aren't the nubile, Jazzy-esque twits you thought you would be talking to. These twins have got to be at least 70 years old. No wonder your magazine - Silver Years Explorations, a travel guide for the over-60's - wants to cover this.

"Have fun with that," you hear Jazzy giggle as you walk toward your car, heading home to pack.

The End

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