Say what the hell, toss your hair and throw on the hot pink sparkly strawberry lipgloss

Because I may be hungover but damn it I need this promotion like a model needs a decent 3 course meal.

So I'm sucking it up, letting that lip gloss glide all over my wine stained lips from the night before while trying to stop the urge to vomit all over Jazzy's shoes.  I take a deep breath and head into the boardroom to face my destiny.  Well I wouldn't say destiny but anything is better than being a file shuffler.  I'm not actually called that officially but I don't actually know what my official job title is.  I've been here 2 years and I'm not sure anyone knows I even exist, until today.  

Today is the day I want to sort my life out and get it together.  And this promotion is going to be the start.  If I can get a promotion I can earn more and move out of my awkwardly uncomfortable flat situation.  That's another story.

I open the door and greet Mr Shefford.  And fight the urge to run back the way I came.

Oh crap this cant be happening, seriously can it?

Mr Shefford was in the bar last night and he wasn't the serious looking man serious hot looking man I see before me.  The Mr Shefford I know from last night was twirling me around the dance floor 3 sheets to the wind last night.

What is he doing here? 

The End

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