I suppose you should head off to that meeting now

You sit down in the large brown leather chair and watch as Mr. Shafford, your boss of five years rummage through papers on his desk.

You clear your throat and looks up in surprise, as if he didn't just tell his secratary to let you in.

"Kendra..." He starts.

"It's Kassandra, but with a K, so lots of people get..."

"Right, anyways.  So, you're applying for the new assistant editor position."

"Yes sir, I've been working with the company for five years and feel that if you look at my resume it will..."

"Yes, I've read your resume."

You stare at Mr. Shafford and realize that you've never quite noticed how big his head actually is compared to the rest of him.  You look down so he doesn't see you smirk.  The smirk hurts your head.  You whince.  You hope he saw neighter the smirk nor the whince.

"Well, here's what I'm thinking..." Mr. Shafford looks at you for the first time, "I'm going to give you an assignment.  If you complete it in a satisfactory manner, you'll get the job."

You can't help but smile and think off all the toner you've spilt on yourself, the solitaire games you've won and the long lunches you've sneakily taken.  You've worked hard for this promotion.

"Look, there's three features that need to be done for next months issue.  Pick one and do it.  I'll expect an update this Friday on any progress you've made.  It's due next Wed by noon."

You stand up and reach your hand across the desk.

Mr. Shafford looks at you as he puts on his glasses.  "I'll email the options to Jazzy, you can tell her your choice.  That's all."

You leave the office with a mix of excitement and fear.  You hear high pitched laughing, assume its Jazzy, and follow the sound.

The End

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