Chapter 1.7

I spend the rest of the day with Lisa, and just before she has to return to her own room, we lie on top of the bed together, our legs tangled together in a way that makes it seem as if we've known each other since birth. Relationships seem to grow quickly here, they even let patients marry and share quarters if they're of age and its safe enough. With Lisa, I always sense that she once thought she had to do everything she wanted because she didn't know how long she'd have to do it. But now, knowing that my blood is making her better, it's just made her dauntless.

          "I heard Alan and Lucy are married now," she says to me, murmuring the gossip of the day I was too isolated to hear. "And they both might be better enough to be discharged together. Can you imagine what would happen if they left together and their parents found out?"

It isn't that far-fetched an idea. What happens here stays here, that's White Lily's protocol - a good thing too with something as top-secret as me around - meaning that any patients give up any unnecessary contact with the outside world. To this day, I still don't know where exactly this facility is. I suspect Scotland given the accents and how much it rains. The only reason I'm able to see Mom is because of how integral I am to everything. 

          "I've never been close to anybody to think about that," I murmur back. "Nobody would be interested anyway."

          "Don't be silly," Lisa chides. "You're beautiful." She reaches behind me and pulls my dark braid over my shoulder so that she can hold it between her fingers. She always compliments me, she says my eyes are the colour of hazelnuts and I have adorable freckles under my eyes that boys would love to kiss. But I'm nothing compared to Lisa, she's a natural beauty even on the sick days when her skin looks paper-thin and her veins look fluorescent blue. I just think it looks like she's glowing. She has the sort of blonde curls that hairdressers spend hours trying to replicate, blue eyes and long, pale lashes. She's shorter than me, but so are a lot of people since I'm nearly six foot tall.

          "And anyway," she adds, "I overheard Charlie saying he'd like to talk to you more,"

I scoff. "Charlie's a dumbass. overheard him saying that he wanted to see if "banging me" would give him super powers..."

The End

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