‘Dee. Ramble when you are nervous?’


‘This is going to be fun. Close you eyes.’

I never let them see the way, not to Neverland. I don’t even know why, it was just…more magical that way. So many people on the edge of childhood stop believing in things like fairies. They would look at the sky and think of falling, not flying, they would look at me and think crazy, not Pan. But those who believe, those who come with me- one of my favourite things is seeing their faces when we first reach Neverland.

‘Close them.’ I say to him again.


‘Trust me.’ I smile, and he returns it, blinking once before keeping his eyes shut. Trust. Honestly, he takes everything as it is. If someone else had found him- Hook, maybe- would he have trusted them so easily? How had he survived in this world?

I shake my head from the thoughts and point us towards the stars, flying up, up, up and-


‘Open.’ I whisper, and Dee does.

His eyes light up and he lets out a breath of air- something I think was meant to be a laugh.

‘How?’ He breaths out. ‘How is this possible?’

I look down from where we are settled in the clouds, to an island floating in air. To the ships that seem to glide on water, though there is no water surrounding the land.

‘On Neverland.’ I reply. ‘Anything is possible.’

The End

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