Sometimes, I feel a pull back to this world. Sometimes, it is just that, a pull to see how it had changed, to see if people had learnt from mistakes. But other times, it was because of people like the boy by my side.

I don’t know why I’m drawn to them. I don’t know why they all end up with me. But it happens, and each one that stays becomes another of my brothers, my endless family of children.

‘What’s your name?’ I asked as we flew between the clouds.

It took him a second to answer, and I looked over to him to see if he was okay.

After countless years of flying, I always forget that it is their first time. And this boy was the same as the rest, wide eyed, mouth open in wonder.

‘Kid?’ Nothing. So, clutching his hand tightly, I drop suddenly, grinning the whole time.

And when he screams, I chuckle.


He glares at me, his brown eyes wide behind his glasses. ‘Not a kid.’ He gasped. ‘I’m seventeen.’

‘We are all children where we are going. Never to grow up, never to be adults. Kid isn’t an insult. It’s a gift. So. What’s your name, Kid?’


I laugh- I can’t help it, not when the boy flying by my side looks nothing like a Wendy. He looks like a…Tom. Or. Something. ‘Isn’t that a girls name?’

Tink, who, until that moment was happily sat on my shoulder letting me do all the work, despite her having actual wings, jumped up, flying around my face as she lectured me. I had known her for years, and had learnt to understand her tiny voice and way of talking. Though even the boy- Wendy- would properly have guessed she was telling me off.

‘I’m being told.’ I say to him. ‘That I am highly rude and shouldn’t say anything about your name. Also.’ I pause as Tink continues. ‘Apparently I need to apologise. So. Sorry, I guess.’

‘That thing…is alive?’

‘That thing is a fairy. Tinker Bell, Wendy, Wendy, Tinker Bell. You can shake hands when we get home.’

‘It’s Dee.’ He said suddenly, and I could see his cheeks turning pink. ‘I go by Dee. Because really, Wendy is a pretty bad name. For a boy. In this age. I get laughed at. But it’s my name. But I go by Dee.’ His cheeks redden further, and I laugh.

The End

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