‘You want to kidnap me and take me to a strange place I’ve never heard of.’

‘But you have heard of it.’ He tapped his chest. ‘It’s in here. It’s in them.’ He waved a hand at my shelves. ‘Its in the stars and dreams and everything else you think about. Neverland is everything magical and everything you have wanted. So. Come away to Neverland.’ He stood up. ‘And if that doesn’t convince you, this will.’

He rose above me, his legs at my head. Flying. I got out of bed and waved my hands below him, thinking it had to be a trick- but this was my room and I knew it well, and I knew there was no way to attach strings to hold him up, I knew that I would see them.

And the strange light at his side was still hovering on its own.


‘How?’ I whispered, and he came down to look at me once more, the grin still on his face.

And he shrugged. ‘I’m Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, and where we are going, anything is possible.’

‘And here?’

‘Its possible. With pixie dust. And trust. Are you coming?’

‘Do I have a choice?’

‘Yes. But if you stay, it will be the wrong one.’

I look around my room again, the posters on the wall and the books by the door, the scratch marks from when the old dog got stuck in here once. This room was my home and my sanctuary. But outside it all I ever had was laughter and being outcasted. Nothing.

My parents faces flashed in front of my eyes. But he had not said I could not come back. My window would stay open- it was summer and the nights were warm, and parents always waited.

So I put my hand in his, and Peter pulled me into the air.

The End

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