His hands were up by his chest, his palms facing each other as he threw something between them, something that glowed in the darkness and lit up his face as he turned towards me.

His hair was golden, his grin only just on the right side of wildness. His eyes glittered in the light, and I couldn’t help but let my eyes trail up and down him.

And he saw.

‘Do you believe in fairies?’ He repeated quietly, but there was a quiver in his voice. As if he was scared I would say no.

No. I couldn’t even think that. I had grown up accepting my whole life was going to be laughed at. My name, my looks, my thoughts and dreams. So I never hid the books I read, the fairytales that leapt from the pages and into my head, I never hid that I dreamt I could escape this world and into one of theirs, where dragons flew above heads and magic cracked in the air.

So I looked at the strange boy. ‘Yes.’ I whispered, watching him. ‘I do.’

The grin on his face widened, if that was even possible. ‘Good.’

That was it? That was all he was going to say to me? I scowled. ‘It’s the middle of the night, if you broke into my room just to ask me that, can I go? Or tell me who you are?’

‘Where are my manners?’ He bowed at me, before jumping onto the end of my bed, staring. ‘Peter. Pan. I’ve come to take you to Neverland.’


‘Are you slow?’ He threw the light up, and I waited for it to fall…but it stayed there, by his ear, gently floating. His head titled to the side. ‘Oh. Sorry. I’m being informed that that is rude. I mean to say, my name is Peter Pan, and everything you read about is true, in Neverland. And.’ He held his hand out. ‘You can come, if you want.’

‘I don’t even know you.’


The End

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