When Wendy wakes one night, he never expects it to change him forever.
But it does, for Peter arrives in his live, whisking him away to Neverland, where Wendy thinks he might finally belong.
But things dont add up, and Wendy starts to believe there is more to Pan- and Neverland- than they think, and when they end back up in London, it seems he might be right.

My eyes open to a gloomy room, and it takes a second for me to realise where I am. Light came in from the open window, casting my room in greys, making everything seem surreal, though it was the pain down my side, in my head that distracted me from it all at first.

It hurt so much, my arm, my legs; my chest felt so tight that I couldn’t breath, and even when I sucked in a breath, I felt empty and hallow.

But then the pain faded, as if never there. I sat up and started at my skin in the dark, expecting some sort of wound, but it was clear other than the freckles that I had hated from birth.

A crash.

The thought came to me out of no where, of being in a car. Laughter. I can’t remember why I- why we, for I was with my father- were so happy, but I remembered that his laughter had always light up the stormiest of days.

But there was something else. The more I tried to think of it, the more it escaped me, like trying to hold water in a sieve.

Something to do with that car, something to do with the pain.

A crash.

But then, I was here, uninjured.

A dream, then. A terrible dream.

I was about to close my eyes when I felt it, the not-quite-rightness about the room. The feeling of being watched, of ghosts in the shadows waiting.

And then someone coughed.

He appeared from the window shelf, he must have been sat on the outside. In the darkness, I could barely see anything of him; only his height, taller than I.

But I could see well enough to watch as he skimmed the books on my shelves.

‘Tell me.’ He said, his voice warm. ‘Do you believe in fairies?’

The End

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