Awakening the monsterMature

He laid there for what seemed to be days, every second of this searing pain stretched tenfold, reaching down to the very core of his being. The unending spasm running thru his body did not let him move even a finger to crawl out of his metallic prison. He would have screamed, but not a single sound would come out of his mouth, not even grunt of pain.

Time passed and with every minute gone by, a fraction of the pain moved away until none remained. Leaving a hollow husk that once was a man behind. Broken and exhausted by the hours of atrocious suffering, all he could gather enough strength to do was slowly,  very slowly  crawl out of the embrace of the fallen cabinet.

With efforts that required inhuman willpower in his present state, he eventually crawled out only to come crashing down the last bit of strength in him drained. He laid there, blind, physically and mentally devastated as despair shreded his last bit of hope. He was going to die! As he was sinking further into despair, he small glow appeared n the distances... this alone was enough to re-ignite the spark of hope that was quickly dyeing within him. At that moment, he would have given everything in this world to know what it was...

And shockingly, it answered his request! The glow slowly started moving and growing. Before his sigh was no longer a mere spark of light, but text! The floating characters weren't words, but rather a formulae. However, even with the ability to read it, it made no sense to Richard. The length and complexity of it didn't let him know what it was...

But with that experience came a thought, breed of what one could consider genius. If he could do that, could he summon more information? Focusing all the strength of will he still had, he let out a mental call, he wasn't asking for anything specific but simply for information. And swiftly, that call was answered an unbelievable amount of information came to him, far more than the mind could proceed.

That discovery, was like a panacea for his mind and soul, a cure to the wounds he had. Slowly rising, he let his mind wander, explore this brand new perspective. With several moment of trial and errors, he discovered what this new sense could perceive; While image were a thing of the past, his new vision reveled in schematics, codes and formulae.

It was as if he could feel this universe, understands it and the mechanism that would operate it. However, all these discoveries did not come by themselves, something had awakened in him, like a small voice in the back of his head that was impossible to comprehend, yet it's words's meaning were crystal to him.

However something brought him back to reality, stopping his moment of discovery, it would be of no importance if he discovered all the answers of the universe if he didn't survive. He had to reach safety.

Making his way out of the building, seemingly naturally understanding his environment and position in it. He came to the outside... Once more, he felt the position of the nearest zone without combat going on and he started walking toward it...

However, a few street corners away, he felt something coming toward him. By his new perception, it was a man in business suit coming running in his direction. He could hear him scream "Help me" Over and over... But that wasn't what he focused on. Following him, was something vaguely humanoid, wearing what he could feel was power armor and a large sword making it's way toward them. Clearly with hostile intention.

Richard was in no shape to fight... he quickly extended his senses to find an escape route or a weapon. However, nothing came out. But it's then that the voice started speaking again, and a new idea came to him. Perceptions are what shape the world... if he could shape his new perceptions, could he change the world around him?

He didn't have time to think of something else, as the alien was about to strike him down... and so, he let his mind out,  using this new found idea to force the universe to comply to his will. And as he did so, the Rikti fell down in pain, being shredded down from the inside by the pure force of will of the man before him.

Once more, Richard was in ecstasy but it was short lived as feelings of vertigo embarked, followed by a fall toward the cement of the road along with an explosion of pain inside his very mind...

What happened next, he couldn't follow...

The End

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