Morgan: Oh Dear

"I hope none of you know him. Adalfieri brings nothing but misery wherever he goes" someone said. I was half expecting it to be Kohei, he seemed like the type. But no, it was a princess.

"Who are you?" I asked a little harshly. I'd always felt bad about what I'd done to Adalfieri and I wouldn't have people badmouthing him.

"Oh! I'm sorry, how rude of me. My name is Peleanor".

Peleanor. I knew that name from somewhere. But where? Had we taken her hostage? No, I like to keep up to date on former hostages. Had we robbed her? No, I'd remember it if we robbed one of the royals. Why the hell did I know her? More importantly, how did she know Adalfieri? I would've asked her but then it hit me. The reason I knew Peleanor. We hadn't known she was a royal, we just thought she was a noble, and Dad had tried to rob her. And guards had rushed to her aid. I'd held her at gunpoint and barely gotten Dad out of there. Oh god, did she remember? I could end up in jail for that. Stealing from other royals is fine as long as it's announced and you give them some time to try and pirate-proof their riches. But that was just outright assault. Right, Morgan, calm down. That's not important now. Why does she know Dalfi? Oh god, did I just call him Dalfi? Snap out of it, he was only Dalfi when you were robbing him. He's Adalfieri to you now.

"Are you okay, Morgan?" Lia asked.

"Maybe I wasn't over my land-sickness after all" I said quietly, needed to get away from Peleanor.

Lia walked me upstairs to my room. She knew something was up, I could tell. But should I tell her? I didn't make up my mind til I was lying on my bed and Lia was making her way out of my room. I had told her to go back to the others and not let me spoil a good moment.

"Lia?" I said quietly, almost half hoping she wouldn't hear.


"I...Peleanor... I held Peleanor at gunpoint a few years back. I didn't know she was a princess or anything, I swear! But they were gonna hang Dad for being a pirate. They didn't care that he's the pirate king. They didn't care that he had a royal seal to prove it either. I just reacted in the only way I know how. Do you...Do you think she remembers? Do you think she'll hold it against me?"

And then I waited.

The End

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