There was quite a crowd gathering around us and I was in my element.  I never felt more at home when surrounded by people.

Everyone seemed to have met a prince at one time or another which made me feel inferior to them.  I mean sure I'd met guys, I'd even had a boyfriend but he hadn't been a prince, that was why I've been sent here.

I recognised most of the princesses from earlier but there was one who joined us that I didn't know.

'My name is Peleanor.'

'Hi I'm Lia.'  I held out my hand for her to shake but instead to curtsys.  I withdraw my hand but do a little bob in reply.

Nice to meet you Lia.'  I wasn't sure if her smile was genuine or just from years of practising a genuine smile.  I didn't know what to say to her so I just smiled and turned back to Morgan. She was looking at Pelenor in a very strange way.

'Are you OK Morgan? You don't look too good.'  Her face had gone slightly pale.

'Maybe I wasn't over my land-sickness after all.'

'Let me take you to your room.  You'll probably feel better if you lie down for a bit.'  I linked arm with her and led her upstairs.  She was being uncharacteristically quiet.  I was no detective but even I could tell something had happened between Peleanor and Morgan, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

The End

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