Aislinn: Bad Prince Experience

After reading the manners book from cover to cover, I got up and left. The other princess had already gone. Some people had been talking about a dance, involving princes. Princes. Not a good experience for me. Last time I met a prince it went terribly wrong. To make a long story short, I was eleven years old. He was twelve. I was meant to be giving him a tour of our palace.

Anyway, he was really strongly traditional and so whenever I did something like say 'I'm' instead of 'I am' he would comment on it badly. Anyway, when I was showing him the garden, it had been raining. I managed to get mud all over my shoes, up my tights and all over the bottom of my long pink-and-yellow summer dress. I never liked that dress anyway. But the prince managed to stay spotlessly clean. It was so embarrassing and he looked really disgusted in me. However at the end he said that I had been very good in trying to be proper and that getting muddy couldn't be helped.

Anyway, I'm telling you this because, he was in a very very very posh dancing class and went to every possible dance there was. So he was definitely gonna - I mean, going to - be at this one. I wander if I'll see him. I wouldn't mind it really. His name was Prince Benjamin Vandonsel. He kept calling me 'Princess Aislinn' or 'Miss Paparella'.

I went up to my room and changed into a more appropriate dancing dress. It was silver and flowed to just below my knees. When I got to the hall where the music was coming from, there were lots of princesses dancing. None of it looked like what I'd been taught. I only knew ballroom dancing and ballet. I retied the ribbons on my plaits and walked around. There were a few people doing ballroom, but not much of it. I decided to watch. I sat on a chair and started humming the tune from The Nutcracker Prince.

The End

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