Morgan: Sure I Can Dance, I Just Don't Like It

I'm not sure what it was about Lia but something made me want to show off the fact that I could dance. Of course I could dance, it was part of my upbringing albeit a tiny part. It wasn't part of the upbringing of a princess, hell no. It was part of the upbringing of a woman. A woman as beautiful and seductive as she is powerful and feared.

Vonnie, despite her earlier comment, wasn't that bad. Despite the fact that the dance Lia was teaching her was hardly princessly material. So the two of us showed Vonnie exactly what we'd have to be doing at this dance. Which ultimately led us to princes. There wasn't a chance in hell they'd put us in a room filled with young attractive princes. Which for me was kind of a good thing. The more interaction I have with young attractive princes the more likely I am to run into a specific young attractive prince. A specific prince who I may have robbed at the age of five. A specific prince who may have lost his father at the same time. A specific prince who probably holds a grudge against me.

"So how is it that a pirate princess can dance?" Vonnie asked.

"How is it that a normal princess can't?" I asked with a laugh. "No, my, uh, my mom was of noble birth before she turned pirate so she figured she'd teach me some stuff she'd picked up from that".

"So what dances do you know?" Lia asked.

"Uh, most of them. Well, I can kind of remember the steps and junk. I don't know, the last time I danced was when I was thirteen. Granted I was only serving as a distraction. See, my parents were planning this big heist on some snobby lord's place and they'd planned everything down to the finest detail but they still needed a way in. This lord guy, he had a penchant for taking teenage wives. Needless to say most of them 'brought an end to their poor tragic lives'," I quoted the lord guy, "pretty much the night they turned twenty. So, I danced for him and my parents grabbed his cash and we hightailed it outta there faster than you can say pirate".

"You seem a lot more relaxed than you were earlier" Lia said with a smile.

I poked my tongue out at her. "I guess you could say I was feeling...I guess land-sick. Everything's so still, I'm not used to it". Okay, so I was lying through my teeth on that one but they seemed to buy it.

Helen arrived and the conversation turned to princes again. And me, feeling slightly comfortable around the other princesses, went and told them the thing that I've kept hidden pretty much since it happened.

"I actually know a prince. Kind of. We're not exactly on good terms. Well, I say I know him I mean... Let me just go from the beginning, it'll make more sense. Basically, I was five and he was six. His dad, who was a baron, had died literally the day before and his kid was the only person who knew the combination for this huge ass safe they kept a ton of their money in. Me and my parents figured it'd be a good place to restock our funds so it was up to me to work the combination out of him. Which I did. Anyway, he cried about it for a few years then realised he'd pretty much gotten everything back over the years. So he inherited his dad's fortune and status, managed to get himself knighted, married a princess who killed herself and ended up being the crown prince of her country since her parents had no other kids. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Hey, one of you might know him! His name's Adalfieri Fiorello".

The End

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