After a short period of lounging around in my room, I went to the ballroom, where I heard many of the other princesses. I heard them laughing, chortling, and a few crashes that sounded like someone falling over. I sighed, and opened the door.

"Helen! There will be a dance!" Morgan said.

"Lovely!" I said, sarcastically. However, I started dancing, and most stopped to look. I smiled, pleased that I had taken much dancing instruction. I started with a slow dance, and then started the waltz, smiling.

"You're good." Nathalia commented.

"Thanks." I said, stopping. "But I wish I could dance up to my mother's standards." They all burst out laughing. Though I didn't know why, I couldn't help but join them.

I went to the other end of the ballroom, admiring the tapestries. They were very out of fashion, though. I saw one of a beautiful princess among a garden of roses. I decided then to go to the garden.

I went out, and sat on an old, stone bench. I imagined a prince sitting beside me, a hansome prince. He had... dark brown hair and blue eyes. He handed me a rose... dark red. I smiled.

I started from my reverie by something falling on my nose. I looked up, the clouds were dark. I was about to go in, but I loitered around fro a moment more.

I saw a beautiful dark red rose leaning over the bench. I would have picked it, were it not for the thorns that populated it's stem. I sighed, and quickly touched the flower. Accidentally, I cut myself on one of the thorn.

I nearly swore, but managed to keep my composure. I held up my finger, and one drop of blood fell, right on the rose. I sighed, and with the hem of my overgown, wiped it off. However, they were the exact same colour, so it mattered little.

I went inside, thinking still about my imaginary prince and the dark red rose with the single drop of blood.

The End

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