Nathalia: Everyone can dance!

'Did you just say dances?! I can't dance! I'm like an elephant on Roller skates, literally!'  I had to laugh because I could imagine Vonnie wobbling around a dancefloor on rollerskates.  'And you think I'm joking.'

'Come on you can't be that bad.  Everyone can dance a bit.'  I demonstrate spinning around and wiggling my hips.  'See it's easy, you two try.'

Morgan is the most enthusiastic, following my lead and dancing wildly around by the doors.  I reach my hand out to Vonnie who is standing still.

'Oh no!  You are not making me do that.'  I grab her hands and start to spin her around with me laughing at the look on her face.  After the first few turns she relaxes and starts to dance a bit.

'See you can dance.'  I smile triumphantly.

'Sorry to burst your bubble Lia but I don't think that's the kind of dancing they were thinking of.'  She puts one hand on my waist and holds my hand with the other and we start waltzing across the patio.  Poor Vonnie looks even more horrified.

'Please say I don't have to do that!'

'Only if a handsome prince asks you to dance.'  I try to lighten her face which looks like she has a cloud stuck over it.  'Cheer up it might be fun.  You might get some really cute princes.'  I wiggle my eyebrows.

'Yeah right.'  Morgan looks skeptical.  'There's no way they would put temptation right in front of us, they'll bring the oldies over.'  I groaned inwardly.  I'd had enough of old people, I needed someone young.

The End

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