When mardy-face... What was his name again? Kohl? No, it was..... Kohei. Anyway, Kohei came and told us that we were to return to our rooms until tea time. Natalia who is kind and has a.maze.ing hair invited me back to her suite to view her dresses.

What can I say? The little girl fasinated by dresses jumps up and down in my mind. Alright, alright calm down.

I accept, we walk up to her room. We pass by a ball room to find a princess called Morgan outside.

"What's going on." I ask, trotting up next to her.

"Dunno," she replys, her ear gluded to the door. "They're on about dances and princess and dres-"

"Did you just say dances?! I can't dance! I'm like an elephant on Roller skates, literally!" They both giggle under their breath. "And you think I'm joking."

The End

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