Aislinn: Must Work on Manners

I was aware of another princess coming in. She quietly looked for a book and then sat lightly on a chair and started reading. She looked about my age. And she looked like the kind of proper princess mother wanted me to be. And this was where I really needed to sort out my knowledge of manners. OK, first: never judge a book by it's cover. She might not be a proper princess. Should I introduce myself? Because it's rude to ignore people isn't it? But I'd always been taught to not speak unless spoken to. Would she introduce herself? If I did introduce myself, would that be rude? Because, isn't it rude to interrupt people, whatever they're doing? And look away! It's rude to stare! I tore my eyes away from the beautiful princess and got up to get another book. I made sure that I put the book about Greek gods and goddesses in exactly the place it was in before. Then I searched for a book about proper princesses. I sat on the same settee and started to read. I found that I wasn't being rude by not introducing myself. The proper thing to was to introduce myself at dinner. I would do that. I found a whole load of other over-polite manners in there too. No wander I found it hard to be proper.

The End

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