Aletheia - Dancing

I am told that a meal is ready. I walk slowly down the stairs, knowing that this is my chance to make an impression on the others. I know that there are others because I heard A few of them walking down the hall. I also heard voices rising up from the garden under m balcony.

When I sit at the table, I am greeted by air on one side, and a Princess with light brown hair on my other side. I do not introduce myself, because that would not be right. I will wait until evening meal, when The time is right.

When the platters are set before us, I am surprised to see several girls reactions. They seem to be shocked at the amount of food. At home, we had meals twice as big as this for half as many persons. I hope I am not the only royally born princess here. I have heard of countries where they pick the princess from a commoners home, or hide her there until marriage. Heavens, I have no idea why.

After a fine meal of goose and quail, we are dismissed. I ask a maid on the way to my room, to show me where the library is. She bows and leads the way. When we enter, I am struck by the size. Maybe it is a good thing that there are less traditional ladies here. My own library at home was half a book shelf. I was only to have proper books, with a purpose. That was the only rule I broke. Well, one of the two.

I thank the girl, and give her leave. I step up to a shelf and run my fingers lightly across the spines. I pick one, with the title suggesting it is far from a history text, and settle in to enjoy the writing.

The End

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