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Lunch was...interesting, to say the least. They put on quite a spread, something that was a little different for me. Not that we didn't have fancy meals back on the ship. It's just, the quality and style of food was different. And to be honest with you, it was a bit weird not having something a little more alcoholic to drink with the meal.

Lia sat next to me but I get the feeling things were a little tense between us. Ah well, I'd deal with that later. I looked around at the food on offer. The princess next to Lia, Vonnie, was clearly vegetarian and seemed to be having as much trouble as me finding something to eat. I'm not vegetarian or anything, I'm just one of the world's fussiest eaters. Well, I say fussy, I mean I'm a bit particular about what I eat. I scouted the food and saw some kind of fish. Hoping to god it was a saltwater fish I took some and... yuck. Freshwater. Living out on the ocean you kind of get a taste for salt. I didn't really speak to anyone during the meal. All the princesses seemed to be into their dresses and manners and what not. I'd introduce myself at some point, I just wasn't sure when that would be.

Kohei appeared and pretty much sent everyone to their rooms, after informing us when our next meal would be, of course. The other princesses went off to their rooms to do...whatever it was they were going to do. I decided, however, to go to the garden and practice some of my sword skills. And to say I got a little too involved would be an understatement. I only stopped when sweat began to drip into my eyes. I decided to call it a day at that point and ambled through the castle, stopping outside a ballroom when I heard music.

"Y'know, Kohei's planning a dance in two weeks. He's gonna invite a load of princes" a voice said to whoever else was in the ballroom (I was listening from the door).

Dancing... Princes... Dresses... Oh, hell no.

The End

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