Aislinn: I Have Never Seen A Library So Big

I'd met one other princess today. Well, I'd met loads of other princesses but Helen was the one I got to know the most. She's younger than me, but only by a year. She doesn't like to be formal so I guess that's one person who doesn't seem to mind that I can't act like a proper princess. I'd nearly died when she knocked on my door and I'd completely forgotten what I'd rehearsed. I was so relieved when she wasn't formal either. Dinner - er, lunch - was great. There was every type of meat you can think of. Though I instinctively don't eat much. My mum - mother - thinks it's a major health risk if I eat too much, so she hardly gives me anything to eat. I think Suzan, our scullery maid, gets more to eat than I do. So I've sort of got used to it. I did feel really sorry for the one princess who was obviously a vegetarian. After, I decided to do some exploring. Helen didn't want to come, and she went off to do something else. I wandered through the big palace. Eventually, I came to a door that looked older then the rest of them. It looked interesting so I shoved the door and went in. It was a library. An absolutely huge library. Books lined every single wall of the spectacular room. And there were rows of books on shelves too. It was absolutely, positively perfect! I crept in, feeling the need to be as quiet as possible, and wondered around. In the middle of the room, was a cosy little reading area. And when I say little, I mean little for the library. I chose a book at random and sat on one of the white settees. Settee, if you're not as posh as me, is another way of saying 'sofa' or 'couch'. But I guess you already knew that. Mother hates me saying 'couch' because she insists that it sounds too American. I've never said couch anyway but I think that would probably hurt the feelings of quite a few Americans if they heard it. The book, I find, is about Greek gods and goddesses. I'm absorbed immediately.

The End

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