Ami: No Thank You.

I walked round with Steven, bored. We went back to my room, and I got changed into blue jeans, and a red tank top. Steven grinned as I came out. We walked down together, avoiding the dinner room. We left, and went into the gardens.

"I didn't thank you for saving my butt from Cuckoo Kohei. Thank you."

"No, thank you. It's nice to have someone to talk to without having to be stuck up or owt." I smiled to. We sat down on a bench, and talked together. We didn't realize that it was almost time for tea.

"Pfft, I'd rather sit here than go to tea. The only princess that isn't really a princess princess is Morgan. And I like talking to you." I grinned. He smiled back, and quickly wrapped me in his arms. I smiled, leaning my head on his warm shoulder. We left, to practice being princess-like.

I stood at the top of the stairs, with two bookson my head. I wobbled down the steps in high heels. "W-woah!!!" I exclaimed. Steven took my hand, and led me down the stairs gracefully. He put his hands over my eyes, and led me round. He pulled his hands away, and I was in a beautiful pale blue and silver hall. He put some music on.

"Care to dance, Mi'lady?" He smiled taking my hand. I grinned, and he placed his hand on my waist, and mine on his shoulder. We danced slowly to the music. I helped him with his steps, and he helped me to stay in time. We laughed as he tripped over his own feet. I rolled my eyes as I helped him up. We continued to dance, when it changed to  a quick dance. He spun me round and round, till I got dizzy, and fell, laughing. He plonked himself down, as we listen to the music silently.

"Y'know, KOhei's planning a dance in two weeks. He's gonna invite a load of princes."

"Damn, I don't wanna meet a prince. They're all stuck up jerks."

"Not all of them."

"I know, but they can be." I sighed. "I'm not going to the dance, unless I get to dance with you. You're my best friend."

Steven blushed. "Thanks." he smiled. I led me back to my room. "Well...goodnight." he smiled, before leaving. I waved, and closed  the door. I sat down on my bed, smiling. I laid down, and I was asleep before I hit the pillow.

The End

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