I wander through the very top floor's corridor. No one's about, not a soul.

"Princess!!" A voice makes me jump forward into a crouching possition, I slowly turn my head around to the sound. I see him, the rude old man.

"Do you mind?" I say, imitating my step-mother's arrogant tone, "I would prefer it if you didn't sneak around like you have something to hide."


"What? Well, do you have an excuse for sneaking."

He goes bright well, making him look like a buffoon. I raise my eyebrows and bite the corners of my mouth to stop myself from laughing.

"Well Princess, it's time for dinner-"

"Dinner? It's twelve o'clock.... Oh! You mean lunch. Ok then, where is the dinning room?"

He glowers at me, I tilt my head to the left in response. "On the ground floor, there are butlers around, to gide you." He nods stifly and stalks away.

Lovely. I skip through the corridor, hop down the stairs and dash through the ground floor. Gothicly/ emoy (yes I am aware they aren't words) outfit catches the senior managements' dissaproving eyes. I laugh in my head and run through to the dinning room.

Ew. Meat. I shudder, and slowly approch the table, sliding into a chair next to a random princess. I reach out and grab a carrot. Nutrious loveliness for the vegetarian. Oh they do like to cater for everyone. I frown to myself.

The End

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