"You seem uncomfortable telling us about who you are." I observed. "I may be only twelve, but I'm not unobservant." She gave me an odd look. "I'm going back to my rooms, Morgan. It is getting later, and dinner is to be had soon, I would think."

I breezed upstairs, to my rooms. I heard someone in one room. I knocked. "Hello?" I asked.

"Who's it?"

"Princess Helen, come to greet someone new." The door opened, and another princess stood there. She was only about my age, maybe a little older. Her lilac dress was quite beautiful.

"I'm Aislinn."

"Would you like to come to dinner now? I hear the servants setting plates and such down in the dining hall."

"Yes, sure." She came out and closed the door. "Then we can get to know each other." On the way down the stairs, we met Kohei.

"Dinner for the princesses." he said grumpily. Aislinn and I continued to the huge dining room. I sat down, and Aislinn sat near. Some of the others began to file in, all taking seats around the table.

And then the food started to arrive. What fare! Great beasts, pigs and hogs and wild boar. I couldn't see a modern dish around! A bowl of tiny green salads caught my eye. I took the bowl, and poured the greens onto my plate.

"So, Aislinn," I started. "Have you met any of the other princesses?"

The End

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