Princess Aislinn

Hi, I'm - I mean, hello, delightful to meet you. My name is Aislinn - I mean Princess Aislinn. My parents try to teach me how to be a proper princess, but I just can't do it. If you think I'm rude by not talking properly, then please tell me. Anyway... My full name is Princess Aislinn Luna Marquese, but please just call me Aislinn. I have dark red hair, worn in two plaits (much to the displeasure of Mother) down to my waist. It has natural light brown streaks in it. I always have to wear a tiara, and my plaits are always tied with white ribbons. I always have to wear a long dress, so I buy ones that flow down to my ankles and show off my figure. At the moment, I'm wearing a lilac one. My eyes are green, and sparkle in the sun. It's all to much for someone who's just turned 13. At this particular moment, I happened to be standing in front of a palace, rehearsing what I was going to say to anyone there. I already had my room key, so now it was just a matter of finding the room. I knocked on the huge doors gently. No one answers so, ignoring my lessons in politeness, I open them and walk in. The entrance room is, as always, huge and beautiful. I walked to the stairs and went up them. My room was the 3rd one on the left. I opened the door and found that the room looked almost exactly like my room at home.I sat on the bed and started unpacking my things.

The End

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