Morgan: Talking

I wasn't to keen on the idea of having only girls for company, but this Helen girl was kinda nice. Granted she was a little young for me to really be friends with, what with only being twelve years old, but the more contacts you have in life the better. That was all this place was, really; a way for paranoid monarchs to build up allies. The whole "keep them safe and prepare them for marriage" thing just seemed like a cover up to me. But, while I was there I'd keep a straight face. Play nice, I guess. It's not that I'm a horrible person, it's just my family have never needed allies. The sea is our territory and, let's just say if we were under attack you should probably worry more about the ship attacking us.

I'd been talking to Helen for a while, mainly about stuff back home, when another princess walked into the garden. A princess with one hell of a plunging neckline. She introduced herself as Nathalia. I'd known a Natalya once; she was our hostage but I actually kinda liked the girl. Anyways, Nathalia (or Lia as I'd decided to call her) took a seat with me and Helen and joined in our conversation. I found out a bit about her and where she came from, though it wasn't much. That's when they seemed to realise they knew nothing about me. So when they asked me I was left with one simple decision; tell the truth or lie. Pirates are supposed to be wasted all the time, right?

The End

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