Ami: Falling....

We walked round, me getting used to the place, and Steven getting used to be by my side. Kohei stopped up.

"Who is this?" He asked, towering aboe us.

"My personal servant. My mother and father enployed him.Problem with that, Kohei?"

"Hmmp. What's your name, boy??"

"My nam, sir? My name is Sam. Its a pleasure." said Steven in a very smart, deep voice. You wouldn't be able to tell tht he was him at all. Kohei seemed impressed, and turned back to me, a concerned frown on his face. "Mi'lady, have you seen Steven? He seems to have gone wondering."

"Has he been whipped away by the fairies again? His mind sure seems to drift."

"Hmm, maybe that is the case. Goodbye. I must see to finding him." Kohei walkedoff, waddling very much like a penguin.

"Oh my! I thought we were in trouble there!" I exclaimed as we turned a corner.

"Jeez, don't worry, Honey....uh...Princess." He went a little red. I smiled, and he returned it, his eyes merry, and his dimples looking sweet. Wait, I thoguth he was SWEET?!?!

I tripped, and fell over, onto some white gravel. "Owwie!" I moaned a little, looking at my elbow, which ws grazed, and a little bloody. Steven knelt beside me, and took the small white handkercheif from him pocket, and used it to dab the blood, cleaning it. I saw Kohei peeking at us, his face shocked. I let Steven clean my elbow, and watched him stow the kercheif away, and standing up.

He offered out his hand to help me up. I reached my arm up, sliding my hand slowing into his. He gently pulle me up, placing a hand on my back o support me. We walked together, speaking softly, about Steven's life, my life, anything that came into our minds.

There was a little stream, with tiny stepping stones across it. I began to cross, Steven behind me, when I stepped on a loose stone, and went fallig backwards. Warm arms caught me. I smiled up at Steven, who pushed me up to right.

He could stop me falling, he let me fall on him, but could he stop me falling for him? I don't think so.

The End

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