Princess Peleanor

I was packed and ready to go, all of my clothes, my toiletries...and my orders. I am generally shy, retiring and I day dream alot, something I am continually scolded for. My uncle thinks this new place is the best option, he thinks with no distractions, such as the beautiful renegade music..I'll grow to be a proper lady and then he can marry me off as soon as he can. I boarded my boat and lay in my cabin humming a few bars of the forbbiden music. I smile, glad to have a break from home...sure, it was fabulous...if you lived in king arthur's time. Long story short, I was raised to be snooty, vain and conceted, just like my uncle accept for the fact I didn't care how I looked, I view everyone as equal and I am certainly not in love with my own image. I decide to root through my small bag of belongings

Dear Peleanor

Good luck where ever it is you going, missing you already


We hit shore with an almighty jult that sent me flying from the bed. I gazed out the porthole and saw a beautiful paradise strait out of a fairytale, well kinda. So much for no distractions. I walked out onto land and breathed deeply, savouring the fresh, non-poluted air. Perfect.

The End

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