Princess Helen: Morgan

"I'm Morgan" someone said. I whirled around, stiffening at the voice. The voice of a princess, but forthright, more so than I had ever expected a princess's voice to sound. And... familiar.

"Pirate Morgan?" I asked. She smiled, the hard smile of one who has much more experience than my twelve years. She wasn't wearing a dress, but the nobleness of her features and the fact that I knew her name made me sure of who I was looking at.

"That would be me. And never call me Princess, please."

"Yes... You once came to the land my father ruled. You commandeered a ship, loaded with goods, spices, silks, the like. Yes... I remember not being mad. That shipment was going to be a gift for the king of... never mind. But I hated that man, and you ruined his friendship with my father. I am in your debt."

"Thanks." I noticed her clothing: a mixture of peasant, pirate, and a dash of nobility. Her jacket was lovely.

"Hello, Morgan." Ami said, with a smile.

"Well, let's sit down, have a chat?" Morgan said.

The End

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