Aletheia-There is Hope

Laying on my bed, I think about my predicament. I am fairly sure I will not be auctioned of as a bride to an unknown prince. I walked through the door, and was greeted by an old man and a boy that appear to be about 17.

I was lead to my room, much smaller than the ones at home. my wardrobe holds a few dresses, added to by the ones that some how came out of a case, brought by one of the ship men.

As soon as they were placed away, I rang the bell sitting next to my bed. As the clear note reverbeates through the rooms, a knock sounds at the door. I call permision, and it opens softly. A small woman slips through the coor, closing it softly behind her.

I ask her name.

"Silvia, your highness." se says softly, curtsying.

"Silvia, I wish to change. Assist me."

She walks over, and opens the wardrobe. I select a sea foam blue dress, with a full skirt that was always my favorite at home. As Silvia helps drop the dress over my head, I feel the fabric float around my waist. She tightens my bodice, acenting my trim waist.

As she steps back, I request she braid my hair. As I am swept into the calm pattern of brush strokes over my blond hair, I realize that there is still hope.

The End

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