Princess Vonnie

"Now then, Princess. This is going to be hard for you, I know," Do you, I think angrly in my head. You don't seem to be gagged do you? NO! I give evils to him. It's not as if I did much, I only started to hang out with normal kids; nice kids.

And now I'm here, orders from the tyrant, I like to call.... Well, that doesn't matter right now, I have to call him father. Not Dad, Daddy or even PaPa. Just father. What a certain type of blue bird.

I wasn't going to be gagged, but I answered back, and argued. So they gagged me, and tied me up.

"....Have you been listening to me?" He asks, his hands on his poggy waist. I just look at him. He cracks his knuckles, making me shivver. He walks away, five minutes later he comes back in. "Well then Princess, we're here."

He gets a servant to pick me up and put me over his sholder, obviously no one wants me to talk. Charming. They ungag me and untie me as we approch a huge undescribable place. I'm introduced to some old guy, whose name I automatically forgot - he shouldn't have been so rude.

I'm shown to a room, which is just like my one back home. A little 1950's style living area. I skip through to the bedroom to see old white Frenchy decor and in the on-suite I spun around in the free space and is all sparkly and clean. All modern.

What a combo. I laugh in my head.

A knock a the door grabs my attention. I hop through to answer it.

The End

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