Princess Morgan

If someone said the phrase "Princess of the Sea" you'd think mermaid, right? Wrong. In case you hadn't noticed, mermaids aren't real. The closest you'll get to a mermaid is a narwhal and that, my dear, is a whale. And a Princess of the Sea is most definately NOT a narwhal. As far as I know, I'm the only Princess of the Sea and I am (if you guessed it give yourself a gold star) a pirate. oxymoronic, I know. I'm not your typical princess anyway. I don't do dresses, I don't do dancing and I DON'T do manners. Well, I've been known to mind my manners in the right situations. Honestly, I'm not a spoilt little girl like other princesses seem to be.

So, about me. I'm eighteen and a little tall for a girl. I've got black hair that falls to the bottom of my shoulder blades, black eyes with red flecks in the iris and tan skin. Today, the day the ship I'd been sailing on for the past three days was finally make port at...wherever it was making port, I'd decided to wear an embroidered white peasant shirt, a black underbust corset, black knee-length shorts and my pride and joy. The one item of clothing I was never seen without; my jacket. Beautifully gothic, deep blood red in colour and "commandeered" from an Aristocrat; I loved it to pieces. See what I meant about not doing dresses?


 The ship, a beautiful galleon almost as fine as my own family's, made port (with a little assisstance from me) at an island I'd never seen on any map or sea chart. I would have asked where it was but I could tell no matter how royal a bloodline I had I wasn't going to get any answers. I fastened my belt which was home to my scabbard around my waist, double checking that my scabbard was well and truly attached before setting off towards what looked like a palace. By the time I reached it I was already sick of the land. I belonged out on the ocean, not cooped up on some island or in some palace. I stormed through the door, causing two men stood by a grand staircase to jump.

"Princess Morgan, I am-" one of them began.

"Yeah yeah, spare me the formalities. Morgan's just fine, thanks".

"Princess Morgan, I am Kohei. I will show you to your room for now. Once the others arrive I will guide you round the palace" he said grumpily.

"I'm not going to like you, am I?" I said, equally as grumpy.

Stood next to him was a young man who could only have been a couple of years younger than me. He had chin length black hair, eyes deep blue like the ocean and dimples. I looked him up and down a few times and he smiled a little.

"That is Steven; my apprentice. You would do well not to pay attention to him" Kohei said, clearly getting impatient with my dawdling.

"Shush," I said grumpily to Kohei before turning to Steven, "Well, aren't you cute? A regular Dorian Gray, but without the ugly painting I'm hoping".

A blush started to form in Steven's dimpled cheeks. Kohei cleared his throat and I glared at him. Steven really was cute in my eyes; the only men I saw were sailors and trust me, you would not want to marry the ones I've met.

Reluctantly I let Kohei lead me to my room. I never actually went inside, though, as I saw another girl in a light orange dress. I jogged over to her as she walked and followed her out to a garden. Another girl stood waiting and the two seemed to know each other. I felt like the odd one out.

"I'm Morgan" I said without being asked and waited to see what kind of response I'd get.

The End

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