After two nights aboard the ship, I was getting restless. I asked the tall man, whose name turned out to be Timathi, where we were headed. He just said that I would be taken care of. After dinner, I was escorted to my chamber, and told that I could not leave until we arrived. I was shocked. After all, there was no toilet in my room.

I survived and when morning dawned, I was relesed. I came up from below, and saw that we had come ashore. Farther inland, there was a most wonderful palace. It appeared to be quite large, and surounded by medows of spring grasses. There was also an orchard.

The plank was lowered, and I stepped from the ship. Timathi followed me and showed me two horses that I hadn't noticed. He helped me astride the mare, and he himself mounted the stallion. They were well rested beasts, and couldn't have come from aboard the ship. If they had such beautiful beasts here, I would be at least content.

We set off towards the stone structure. I requested to go faster, and Timathi complied. The breeze lifted my golden waves from my back and felt divine. As the palace got nearer, I could tell it was much larger than it appeared at first glance.

As I dismounted the chesnut mare, I wondered if I would ever see her again. I petted her nose, and kissed her between the eyes. Then I turned around and faced my future like I should. I, Aletheia, Princess of Laima, Walked toward the heavy wooden door.

The End

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