Ami: Kohei and Steven

I looked up at the main hall ceiling, and took a sharp intake of breath. It was ornate and beautiful, like the rest of the palace. I heard someone cough, and I came back down to earth.

Two people stood before me. One was a fully grown man with soft green eyes and deep brown hair, and the second was a boy, maybe a couple of years older than me, who had black hair that reached his chin, and he had deep, rich blue eyes. He smiled softly, showing his little dimples. The older man looked sideways, and coughed. The boy's smile vanished.

"I am Kohei. I will be guiding you, and helping to fufill your needs. This is Steven; my apprentice. Don't pay attention to him; he speaks nonsense." said the older man, un-smiling. I smiled, trying to get him to return it. He didn't. Miserable bugger.

He led me round, Steven taking my suitcase. He showed me an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a bowling alley, large gardens, the eating hall, and lastly, my bedroom. Steven placed the suitcase down just outside the door. "You will be staying here. Once the others arrive, I will show you the schooling rooms, and introduce you to your tutors." said Kohei stiffly, who turne on his heels, walking away.

Steven lingered. "I hope we can be friends, I hope you enjoy it here, Princess." he whispered softly.

"Call me Ami. And it's nice to meet you. You should go, before Mister Grumpy scolds you." I said, smiling. Steven gave a small chuckle, and walked away, after Kohei. I closed the door, and took in my surroundings. I walked onto the balcony, and took a large inhale.

The End

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