This is not unexpected. Every young princess is prepared at birth for the chance of a raider taking her to be his bride. But you are never prepared enough when it happens.

There was a banging on the door, and I awoke with a start. I am never awoken unless it is of utmost importance. The door flies open and five men come into my room. I am surprised because there is no trace of my guard. Not his body or his breath.

I am quickly distracted from wondering of him by the approach of the tallest intruder. He has a square jaw and I would ask him of his lineage at any other circumstance. He tells me to get out of bed and get dressed. Even in my shell shocked state, I am embarrassed at this request. He must notice the color on my cheeks, because he clears his thought and tells his men to stand out side the door. He walks to my wardrobe and opens it. He shoves several dresses to the side and grabs one of the simpler ones.

He tosses it at me and leaves the room. I take a deep breath and slip from between my blankets. The dress he chose is one of the few that I can fasten myself. This is not good. But I will survive.


The tall man leads me from my palace and I am surprised to see that there is no battles taking place. This just gets stranger. At least they seem to have some manners.

No one has grabbed me yet and I have not been insulted. This could have been much worse. I am lead through my town, after a scrap of fabric is tied around my lips. I can not scream, but I can retain my dignity.

Soon I am aboard one of the three ships in the Tall mans forces. They push of together and we are soon sailing away from my palace. Away from my people. Away from my country.

I know better than to cry. I wait until my gag is untied. Then I request a place to rest. I am lead bellow deck into a room with a feather mattress and blanket. I lay down and close my eyes. I do not care to see the men any more. I am busy thinking of home.

A single tear leaves my eye as I picture my father. I may never see him again.

The End

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