Alethia: Dinner

I look up to a respectful knock on my door. "Enter" I say.

Kohi enters and says "Dinner will be ready soon, princess. It will be a chance for you to meet all of the other princesses."

I dip my head that I understand, and he leaves quickly. I look through my closet that I have just filled with my clothes. I reach in a take a large, formal red gown with train and veil. I put it back, remembering how the other princesses gaped when they saw me. I am sure they started giggling about me once I left.

I grab, instead, a pale sea green dress, that sticks closely to my figure. No padding for my bottom or large ruffles. The only decoration is a pearl that is set in to the waistband. I ring the bell and a young servant girl comes in. She bobs her head and says, "What my I help you with?"

When she looks up, I smile. "I require help getting dressed."

She looks a little afraid, like I have asked something weird. But I strip to be under garments and wait for her t help me get the dress over my head. she finally starts to move and I tell her what she must do. After I have the dress on, she has to tighten the corset bodice so it will stay.

She then brushes out my hair and braids it. When we finally manage that, I deem myself ready for  dinner. 

The End

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