Palace Full of Princesses

You are never too old to be a princess.
Send your princess to the palace and maybe you will have some fun....

The Palace is to be created. Its sole purpose is to provide a sanctuary for all princesses in the world. It is to be built on an island and will have every possible adjustment.

It will be made for princesses of all walks of life. There will be guards and maids and cooks and beauticians and seamstresses. There will be tutors and scribes and the ability to hold up to twenty girls at first. It will be expanded as soon as this is deemed necessary.

There will be looms and pools and a spa and even a bowling alley. It will combine modern with tradition. Elegance with ease. Each maiden will receive a suite of rooms counting five. They will be decorated pre-arrival to specifications sent in advance. No one will know where it is. Everyone that knows will live on the island.

It will be a safe haven for all. We can not wait for the first Princesses to receive word of the Palace. They will live here until they are married and are ready to step up to the crown. The youngest Princess allowed for now, is ten. When eligible, Princes will arrive and, if deemed worthy, will court the Princess until the marriage is decided. Everything has been thought of.

The End

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