Attaining the roll

The wind of fate russles through Kailani and Kaikane's dark hair, prickling the peach fuzz on their arms, and whistling in their ears. Kailani lets out a sigh that turns into cachinnate laughter.

"I'm sorry, but, this is just too funny. Like something out of a mystery novel. My name is Kailani."

"Is it?" Kaikane ponders this for a second, then says; "well I guess we're supposed to be stuck with eachother."

"Yeah," Kailani says, and then turns her attention to the rock face. "and how are we supposed to climb down this cliff?" The wind whips through Kailani's hair and blocks her sight as she tries to spot a way down the rocky wall.

"There's a spot just a few minutes along the edge," Kaikane points to their right. The edge of the cliff dipped like a bowl along the coast, one edge of the bowl being where Kailani had nearly rolled into a watery end, and the other a great distance away. In between these two points was a small bay, and Kailani island was situated just before the bay turned into open ocean again. Kailani and Kaikane wander towards the midpoint of the bay, Kailani sceptical of the route down. The cliff was no longer a vertical drop, but more of a decline. The way scattered with large boulders and small ledges.

"I don't see any sort of pathway to the water from here," she told Kaikane. He just smirks at her and leaps onto the closest rock. Kailani winces. "Do you see any newts?"

"Nope. No newts. Come on!" he says, and begins to trundle along the rocks like a chimpanzee. Kailani takes extreme care in every move she makes, making sure that if she slips, she has something to hold onto. "You aren't from around here are you?" Kaikane perches himself on an arrowhead shaped rock, and looks at her.

"I am actually, born and raised. I've lived in Kawaihae since before I can remember. How about you? You seem more like the local fauna than a native to the island," Kailani crab walks along a particulaily large and gently sloping boulder, and tries to keep her purse fastened onto her shoulder.

"My mom and I have lived in Kwaihae, Kapaau, and even Waimea for a while. We used to move once a year. My mom, she could never stay put. When I turned twenty one, my mom said I could I live where ever I like, so I do. I've been living here for a week now."

"You mean in the wild?" Kailani tries to reach for a study looking root, and grabs onto it seconds before her footing falters.

"Yeah. Apparently when I was little I wouldn't sleep in my house. My mom set up a nice little bedroom for me, with posters of airplanes and elvis set up, a wave shaped nightlight. But every night, she'd find me curled up in a ball on the porch looking up at the stars. Have you ever fallen asleep under the stars? it's the most magical experience in the world, and I get to do it every night."

"No," Kailani says, "I haven't. I can't see the stars from my apartment balcony."

"Then you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime," Kaikane climbs back up over the progress he's made to help Kailani down.

"Doesn't your mom worry about you?" she asks, as she takes his steady hand.

"Not really. I mean, at first she was petrified when I would wander off for days at a time, but we figured out a system that works for the both of us. You see, she leaves me letters at the Kapaau post office, and I check for them on a regular basis. It's funny, the last letter I received was about Kailani island. So here I am."

"I don't think I could ever be so spontaneous," Kailani says.

"Well you are here right? Your on the side of a cliff attempting to get to an island out on the open ocean. Seems pretty unscripted to me. Maybe even a bit on the wild side," Kaikane winks at Kailani.


When they reach the bottom of the precarious rock wall, Kailani found another wall to pass. A great twenty foot wall of water pushing its great weight against the heavily packed sand.

"No way," she says, unable to take her eyes off of the white foam streaking up the beach towards her. Kaikane grabs her by the shoulders from behind, and tries to rub away the goose pimples forming on her arms.

"You've got to face the water if you want to get to the island," he says.

"If I go in there, I'll die, I can't," Kailani says. Kaikane lets her go, starts running towards the water.

"Do you think I'll die if I go in there?" Kaikane shouts to Kailani.

"Of course! Come back!" Kailani chases after him, but stops when her toes reach the water. He continues to run full fledged at the water, leaping over the sets of white after-wave that try to push him over. A monster sized wave forms in front of Kaikane, he can't be more than three feet deep. Kailani screams out in horror, as Kaikane braces himself, then dives into the crest. The wave breaks over the place where Kaikane had been standing, and Kailani is astounded. She stands at the water's edge, waiting. Her feet dig into the sand and water seeps into her hiking boots. She moans in despair, only to see Kaikane appear on the next wave rolling in. He looks like a doll, in comparison to the size of the wave. Kailani watches as the crest sweeps him up and carries him for a few moments before pushing him into the shallow water. He is dragged in with the white water, and stands up. The water can't be more than a few feet deep. He has trouble walking in a straight line, but he manages to make it back to Kailani.

"Your shoes are getting wet," he says, then walks towards his backpack. Kailani can only watch him with her mouth open. He laughs. "It's not hard, you are fully capable of attaining those waves as long as you know what to expect. Its going to drag you, and you have to let it drag you."


"Don't worry, I'll be right by your side. You can leave your hiking boots here, theres nobody around to take them." Kailani takes off her wet boots, and places them next to a pile of driftwood. She's momentarily amazed by how the sand feels on her feet. She can't remember the last time she walked across a beach barefoot.

"This might sound stupid, but, uhm, can you turn around for a second?" Kailani asks Kaikane.

"Wh, oh..alright." He turns around and wanders over to his backpack. Kailani takes off her shirt and pants and carefully place them on a piece of wood next to her shoes.

"If anything happens to my Gucci jeans," Kailani starts to treaten, then stops. The threat feels useless. She puts on a pair of shorts and a tank top that she had put in her day pack earlier today. What a long time ago that had been, she thinks to herself. She puts her purse on top of her clothing. Kaikane grabs her hand and they start running towards the water. "Wait! Stop! I'm not ready!"

"Trust me!" Kaikane shouts, as their feet hit the tepid water. Once they are waist deep the first set of white water gushes towards them. Kailani holds her breath, her heart beating fast. The water pushes against her like a jet stream. she's knocked off her feet and falls under the water, dragging Kaikane with her. He pulls her up, and they set onward, the water weighs down their steps. "When I say dive, dive. Dive low, get under the wave, theres no current underneath it! Then dive under the next one as well. I will be right be your side, don't worry!"

"But what if," Kailani looks in horror to a wave forming in front of her. From the beach they look tall, from the base, they look impossible.

"Dive!" Kaikane shouts, but Kailani is frozen in place, she can't breath in to be able to get a lung full of air to hold. She feels sick, and her eyes cannot focus, "KAILANI DIVE!"

The End

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