The Point

Kailani lies on the coarse grass and burnt dirt, momentarily shocked by the impact. She raises her head, and reels. Two feet away the edge of the cliff cuts into the blue sky. Kailani crawls forward and looks over the edge. Foaming white crests hammer against the beaten down coast. Her fingers dig into the rim of the cliff, and she ponders what could have been.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much," the young man places himself next to Kailani, and peers over the edge, "if it hadn't been me, it would have been a rock, or the wind that stopped you."

Kailani freezes, as she looks at the young man, she had momentarily forgotten about him. "I'm not very coushy, but I'm sure I make a better block than a rock." Kailani stares at him, and he cocks his head and clicks his tongue at her. "can't you speak?"

"Of course I can talk," Kailani says, "I'm sorry, but I'm a bit befuddled about nearly missing the cliff and quite confused as to why you were just standing..." Kailani trails off her speech and returns to the gut wrenching site of the water hundreds of feet below.

"Don't look over there!" the young man says, and leaps to his feet. He runs to a spot further away from the edge and hops back and forth on his feet. "Look at me!" Kailani laughs, and stands up. Her limbs feel a bit stiff, and the bit of blood trickling from her elbow doesn't seem life threatening. Her daypack is still intact, and so is her purse. She walks towards the young man, and then stops, and watches him continue to move. "So why're you here?"

"I don't need a distraction anymore, you can stop jumping," Kailani avers. "I don't really know why I am here. It just sort of, happend."

"Well my name is Kaikane, and I don't really know why I am here either. I recieved a letter from my mother about this place. She described an island, and a point,"

"Painters point?" Kailani interrupts Kaikane. "The place where the sea and the sky meet?"

"Yeah, I think thats the one. She told me to go up the northmost road, until the pavement ends. And from there I'd find a braided tree, and across from it would be where the trail starts."

"Amazing. A fisherman told me about this place, and I just... well stumbled onto it. Would you like to adventure with me?"

"You bet! I'd like the company. I hear the swim to Kailani island can take a while."

"What did you just say? Kai-lani?"

"Yeah, you just said it... kai, sea, lani, sky..." Kailani stares at Kaikane blankly. "The place where the sea meets the sky?"

The End

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