Silver TonguedMature

She woke up to eyes piercing into her's, full of fear. She wouldn't be getting that look out of her head for a while... it felt like he could see in her head; like he could see what she had been about to do.

Her nails were in his arm, dug in deeply and drawing blood ever so slightly but he didn't seem to care for the pain he must have felt. That was no comfort to her and she tried to loosen her grip but it felt as though it only tightened and the liquid spilled out thicker under her nails and along her finger tips, she tried to flinch but no movement occurred in her body. He would care about the pain she caused later as it would try to heal over and he would stop it in its tracks; again and again... she shook those thoughts from her mind.

He was gripping her shoulder tightly and it was hurting; she wondered why he felt the need to shake her so violently. She was awake wasn't she? She could see his eyes looking straight into hers but he still continued shaking her, saying nothing. What was wrong with him? What was going on?

She couldn't move. Her body just wouldn't work. The only movement she could do was the movement he forced upon her with what felt like all of his will; as though he was trying to hurt her. It felt like he was saying something, yelling perhaps, but she couldn't see his mouth: she could see nothing but his eyes.

And in her mind she could see his lips moving, his tongue darting out like the blade of her dreams.

The shaking was getting more frantic and she felt a sharp pain in the side of her face and then she was falling, falling, endless falling.
She didn't remember the sofa being so far from the ground before.


The End

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