Make Me Beautiful

I awakened to an unfamiliar room with generic curtains, shiny floors, and people everywhere. Was this heaven? There was a sharp pull at my arm that hurt when I tried to move. I was much too uncomfortable for this to be heaven.

No, this was not heaven. I was still stuck on earth. My head was wrapped in  white cloth substance and my whole body was in pain. According to a little plastic bracelet on my wrist, I was Kelly Dawson and I was in Redford County Hospital. Why was I here though?

Tammy. Where's Tammy? I remember her eyes, those emerald eyes that had a spark of fear in them as I remember seeing her for the last time. Where was Tammy? Is she dead? My heart started to race and I heard a beeping that accelerated with it. A scrawny nurse with mousy brown hair and thick glasses ran into my room with my chart to see why my moniter started flipping out.

"Tammy," I screamed at the top of my lungs, though it pained me to do it, "WHERE IS TAMMY FINNIGAN!"

The End

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