Chapter 14

Gregory- Patient 2

I was sat at home on my own for the first time in eleven years. Lounged on the couch, I turned on the TV with the remote to the channel Ryan had told me to. He’d said that this independent news station was doing a report on him and his new cancer treatment. I was interested to know why he was allowing this to go treatment, especially when he forbade me from telling his secrets to anyone I knew. This was a hard thing to do, especially when Clarisse kept on nagging me about how many exotic vegetables and fruits I was buying for my diet.

 “Greg! Have you seen our food bill!? I know you said you need all of this for your treatment but, seriously? This is all really expensive! I mean, what is this Brazilian Ginseng for example?”

“Look, honey, don’t worry about it. For one it costs a hell of a lot less than typical cancer treatment and it’s healthier for the whole family as well.”

“Well I do worry babe, William’s moving to secondary school this September and now that I’m off maternity leave I’m going to have to find a babysitter for Casey, and-“ I cut off her off at this point. Gently whispering the words that made her smile into her ear while sitting her down on the couch.

“Clarisse, my darling. Soon this will be all over, my cancer will go and we can carry on life as before. I promise.” At that point she started blubbing into my shoulders again and I comforted her some more. Right now I didn’t care whether she was meant to be the one comforting me or not, I just wanted her to be happy again…

 The reporter Kate Droselyn started talking about Ryan Mosker and his newly registered charity as a revolutionary breakthrough towards the cure for cancer and that it had a success rate 86% higher than any other cancer charity (I knew they had had to make this figure up because so far, no-one died, and I could imagine how suspicious it would look).

The girl had paused for a minute, struggling to hear what was being said in her earpiece.

The look on her face. Unlike anything I had ever seen before.

“Breaking news here. Ryan Mosker, the man who found the ultimate treatment for cancer’, she had to take a pause here, the words she had to say looked as though they were going to make her implode. “has, has just been shot near the new Grooslick Apartment complex while on his way to see his next patient. Ambulances are on their way. The main rumour is that passers by claim to have seen or talked to members of the American CIA, and that they might be to blame for the assassination attempt.” She gulped deep and hard.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t just stay here.” She ran off the set, leaving her wild mix of papers and pictures behind on the desk.

I sat there for a moment, gob-smacked. My one way out of this cancer hell-hole had just been shot.

If he died, so did I.

The End

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