Chapter 11

Angus-The Room-mate

The last meeting I had had with my boss was a total success! He thought my idea was revolutionary and would sell like pancakes. My dad being from America, would be definitely the kind of phrase he would use. But then that kingly nerd Dave somehow managed to come up with an equally better pitch and now we both have 24 hours to modify them and the best one will be our next project while the other will go into the fallback folder. There is no way that I'm going to let that cheese ball win. I decided to meet with Ryan at my favourite café, The Kindred Spirit. It had everything I could want, a library corner, wifi and a free cappuccino every week if you were a member, which indeed I was. Harry had managed to help me after the meeting until we had to leave but I was going to need Ryan's help overnight. There was no way I would dare ask for Harry's help after I found out he was going to propose to his girlfriend. What a lucky guy, 24 and already had the love of his life.

"Gremlin!" Ryan exclaimed as he walked through the door. That was his nickname for me, our own in-joke. We laughed in unison until I noticed that a woman followed him and sat down with us.

"Hey Ryan. Who's this?"

"This is Kate, a journalist I met after the crash. We bumped into each other on my way here, and I invited her to stop by." He chuckled to himself. "Plus she has the bruise to prove it." Kate smiled at the both us and directed her attention to me.

"Are you Angus then? Sorry if I'm intruding here, but I have to say this looks like the coolest place ever! You have nice taste."

"He does." Ryan replied for me as he sipped a coffee that the waitress had just brought over, thanks to me he was a regular too.

"So how do you know about Ryan then?" My plans to talk about my pitch were out of the window, inside I scowled a bit. The girl seemed to have fair intentions and all, but she seemed to be interested in Ryan for a single reason. And I didn't get the vibe that she was into him for money. I was quite inquisitive, even if I wasn't meant to be.

"Well I met him at the crash, I was actually about to drive to his apartment for an interview with him."

"Oh yeah, did I tell you she's a journalist?" She smiled at him sweetly, clearly Ryan had a thing for her, unfortunately he just wasn't the type to realise love even if it tried to blow him up.

"Yes, before that day my colleagues had told me about him and I was really curious to find out about this supposed miracle man."

"You still haven't told me what they've told you." He said, this time he sounded sombre. I suppose it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth as they say.

"You still don't trust me do you? If you did then you might have told me something by now about your work and you would have believed me when I said that none of us know how you cure cancer." She tried to talk jokingly, but you could tell that she was slightly annoyed. I tut-tutted. Digging yourself into a hole mate, digging yourself into a hole.

"Wait Angus you haven't told me yet why you wanted me here?" Hmm, nice save.

"That’s alright, it’s not that important. It's probably the worst toy idea I've ever come up with."

"That can't be true. Show me, I have three nieces and 2 nephews, trust me when I say that I know how to pick cool toys." She grinned at me. OK, I thought. What the heck, I've only got my meaningless reputation on the line. When I showed it to them, they said it was really good, Kate pointed out some flaws and we all began talking and chatting and laughing. It was only 'till I looked at my watch that I realised that I was twenty minutes late back for work. I apologised for having to leave and packed up my stuff as I headed back to work. Of course when I got there I received the bellowing from my boss that I half-deserved and went back to my desk mumbling and grumbling. A text appeared on my phone, from Ryan.

You won't believe this but I think I actually have a date with Kate! You're going to have to help me with this, I haven't dated in three years!

I smiled to myself when I saw the text, it was inevitable. When you don't search for love, that's when you're most likely to find it, clearly that was why I wasn't doing so well relationship-wise either. Janet smiled at me as she flicked through some paperwork and gave a short wave. Stupidly I half-waved back, looking like a total moron. Good thing Harry didn't see that, around this time he had become 'Mr. Love' and seemed to be giving relationship advice to everyone. I accepted that, but I didn't want his grief either.

When I got home I was met by a fumbling, nervous wreck.

"Oh God Angus, what should I wear? What do I say? He rushed into his room and started asking me advice about everything; clothes, things to say. It made me smile, I enjoyed helping him. I was giving back to the biggest helper of them all. All of a sudden I got a call from Gemma.

"Angus is that you? I think Ryan's phone is dead. Listen, um..." She trailed off, her voice was trembling and shaky.

"Our dad has cancer, but I need to tell him in person, can you pass him over? Is he even there?" Clearly Ryan had seen my jaw drop and his face of worry grew instantly. No, not now I thought. He had enough on his plate for tonight. I quickly left into another room so I could talk quietly.

"Ryan's just left for a date, I'm sorry." I quickly snapped my phone shut as Ryan interrupted.

"No I haven't, I'm still here. What was that all about?" Tomorrow, I would tell him tomorrow, I owed him that. Now I had to focus on solving his worried expression and providing an alibi.

"My mum's boyfriend has just died. I've got to go to a funeral on Tuesday."

"How come they were asking for me?"

"You know my mum, always trying to pretend that she's fine. She wanted to say hi to you, probably in some silly attempt to say she's coping."

"That's true, your mum's quite a strong-headed person." I nodded at that and continued to help him on topics for his date. What to say and what not to say. That was all I could do for tonight.

The End

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