Chapter 5

Angus- Room-mate

       I checked my watch, seven thirty already? I groaned as I rubbed my forehead and sat up on the couch. I think Ryan just left. Last night I think I had some sort of crazy party. Ryan thought we should celebrate curing his first patient and I went a bit too far, clearly. There were bottles all over the floor, plates everywhere, I bet it was smashing!

       But I didn’t start clearing up, I was going to be late and so I immediately started to get dressed. I didn’t even have time to get prepared properly. I knew that every minute I spent being late meant my boss would be choleric for an hour and I did not want to push his buttons. It had only been recently that I had started to slack a bit with work. I sighed as my Rolls-Royce purred to life in the undercover car-park, I still gave myself the perks I thought I deserved, even if this wasn’t the life I had planned to live. And it certainly wasn’t. When I graduated from university alongside Ryan, I had hopes and dreams, aspirations about my future. I had planned to become a doctor, possibly a heart surgeon, I would be rich and afford my own research lab and live wherever I wanted to with anything I could possibly desire. I don’t think at the time I had even been that good friends with Ryan but the one thing that made our friendship special was simply his cause I guess. What he believed in, what heknewrather was something I agreed with, cancer could be prevented easier than preventing flu, it was just that if this sort of lifestyle was blabbed out to the world, people would seek out to turn it sour. I had decided to live this life for him, I always tried to not sound cocky at work, but I knew I was so much better than that job.

     I turned a corner and forced my foot hard on to the break. A small boy about seven had just run across the road to get his ball. Thank god I didn’t hit him. I chuckled to myself as his mother came out of the house and started yelling at her son. She then turned to look apologetically at me, meanwhile the traffic was growing behind and I was growing ever later for work, she trundled over to my window. I retracted it so that she could say whatever she had to say quickly.

     “I am so sorry about my son’s behaviour; I’ve told him he is never to do that. In fact he’s going to apologise to you right now. Are you okay?” I moaned inside my head.

     “Ahh don’t worry about me, kids will learn eventually.” The kid moped along to the side of my car, looking extremely gloomy. I could empathise, I had always been the crazy, destructive sibling when I was younger, actually I think I’m still a bit of a kid inside anyway.

     “Sorry mister.” He grumbled.

     “That’s okay; just listen to your mother’s advice from now on, alright?” He nodded swiftly, and with that I was back on the road, I had to ignore all the honks and horns that I got from everyone behind me. They probably thought I was some sort of stupid delusional rich kid who was lazy with life; boy did they have me wrong.

Minutes later.

     “If you weren’t my son, you’re arse would be so fired by now!” The man bellowed at me, I didn’t regard him as my father any more, at least not here, I don’t think he did either.

     “Yeah okay Dad. Not everyone is perfect.” I back-chatted, stealing an evil glare at Dave the know-it-all suck-up who everyone in the team hated.

     “I don’t care, and anyway we’ve got a pitch-presentation meeting in 15 minutes, I don’t suppose you’ll have managed to have prepared something in so little time?” He sneered, thinking he could embarrass me. Ha! The fool.

     “Actually, I prepared my pitch last night.” He didn’t respond to that, all I saw was a twitch in his right eye and he walked back off to his office. Harry chuckled next to me.

     “Mr. Grevlin will be the death of you yet! Your pitch better be good, you know he’s out to get you.”

     “Yeah, I know, but don’t worry, this will knock him out.” I grinned at Harry and he reciprocated.

     “Right then, let’s go to the meeting room to set it up then, see if it’s any good.” We went in and I set it up, once it was fully erect Harry stood back and gaped at what we were seeing.

     “Now, that, I admit would be something that kids would definitely buy. Heck even I would!” As our colleagues began to come into the room, Janet, the one I fancied gave me a nod of approval of what she saw before she sat down. I relaxed my tensed shoulders as the meeting was about to start. Today was going to be a good day, I thought.

The End

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