Chapter 4


"Now Ryan, what do want to do with your life?" A typical question for a career's advisor to ask, pretty cheesy and mundane too.

"Umm, I'm not sure really." That wasn't true, I had loads of ideas. I wanted to be a doctor, a surgeon, possibly play in a band as well because my friends told me I was good on the drums and I'd even been invited to join a band. The reason why I said nothing was because my mind was focused solely on my mum's developing cancer and the toll it was taking on her.

The bell started to ring. I started to pack my books and pens back in my bag as I prepared to leave Miss Durma’s office.

“I’m sorry Ryan. I shouldn’t have believed that I could squeeze in another appointment 2 minutes before the end of school. I think we’ll start this properly at 9:15, okay?”

“Yeah, that seems fair.” I grumbled in reply. Nothing bored me more than talking about my future. I knew what I was going to do with my life and how I was going to get there, this was just a waste of my time.

“Okay then, see you on Friday then Ryan.”

“Yeah, bye.” After I had gone back to my locker, chatted with my friends who took a bus and then went outside to meet my mum in the car park. I scanned the cars outside, trying to find the little green polo. I heard the noise of police sirens grow louder as they threatened to roar past the side of our school. Then I spotted it, and Mum. I noticed she was grinning at me maliciously. I then noticed the small briefcase under her arm. It had a bow attached to it and I was the way she patted it proudly. I knew what it was.

“No way!”

“Woo!” My mum cried and ran towards me, arms outstretched while the bag was swinging wildly in her hands. That’s when it happened, she paused in the middle of the road, signalling her hand out to stop the car that was about to pass her. All the while these sirens were growing louder. That’s when she bent over and started to cough like a cat upchucking a hairball. I started to walk over at a hurried pace, almost at the side of the road.

That’s when my life turned upside down. Out of no-where a car roared out of the bushes and wacked straight into mum, crushing her imbetween the stowaway and the patient driver waiting behind.

I stood with my dad in the hospital, waiting at the reception desk for the doctor to come out of the nearest emergency room.

“I’m sorry guys, she’s passed on now. We had doctors and medics on her 24/7 but unfortunately, she couldn’t make it. The worst part is that the accident wasn’t serious enough to kill her, if she hadn’t had cancer in the first place then she may have survived the crash.” I looked up at the doctor, tear and venom gleaming in my eyes. For a while I was angry and stupid enough to blame the whole ordeal on him, like it wasn’t the criminal’s fault at all.

After the news reached the school, I had a week off to attend my mother’s funeral and to calm down over the boiling frustration that had been raging inside of me after the accident. I realised there would be no point in skiving off school any longer. I decided to go back on the Friday.

“So Ryan, are you okay?” Miss Durma asked me with a worried look in her eyes.

“Um, can we just get on with the meeting please?” I was probably a bit rude then, but I didn’t care too much, not now anyway. She understood me perfectly.

“Yes, of course. So, what do you want to do with your life?”


And that is how I found myself living the life I had never even dreamed of. Sharing a crummy little apartment with my loaded best friend in the middle of Fenspar City. I looked outside the muddy window to the scene of beauty that was sun on a snowy day. I smiled to myself as I tucked my bag under my arm and said bye to Angus who was lazing on the couch.I’m gonna make you proud mum. I promise.

The End

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